Kaapse Brouwers at IFFR

Rotterdam beers at a Rotterdam festival. IFFR has partnered up with local brewery Kaapse Brouwers Rotterdam to serve their wide selection of unique and daring brews at 2019’s festival.

About the link between the two parties, head of IFFR’s development department Susan Gloudemans comments: “Of course they’re both strongly rooted in Rotterdam, but there’s more common ground: both parties are non-conformist, and have an eye for quality and a predilection for experimentation.”

Tsjomme Zijlstra, co-founder of Kaapse Brouwers: “We’re very pleased with this new partnership. Through IFFR we’ll be able to bring our extraordinary beers to a wide and diverse audience.”

Kaapse Brouwers was founded in Katendrecht, on the south bank of the Nieuwe Maas. The brewery revives a turbulent time of seamen and jazz through daring recipes, flavourful experiments and old-fashioned beers with a Rotterdam twist.