Join us for LV♥IFFR Encore

IFFR and LantarenVenster are two film institutes that have been sending each other heart emojis for a long time. Now, we’re teaming up to bring a new programme series: LV♥IFFR Encore. Join us in LV each month for a special IFFR film screening with side programme!

During these evenings we look both ahead and back at IFFR with screenings of IFFR gems that deserve a re-run, fresh films from other festivals, and, this summer, a screening of the unique nearly 14 hours long film La Flor by Mariano Llinás. Afterwards we discuss and celebrate the vibrant Rotterdam cinematic scene with a drink and music.

The series kicks off on Friday 10 May with the feature-film debut Take Me Somewhere Nice by Ena Sendijarević. This refreshing and humorous road movie follows a teenage Bosnian-Dutch girl who travels her homeland. The film won the Special Jury Award at IFFR 2019 and was selected for the ACID programme of the upcoming Cannes Film Festival. The screening is preceded by a video essay by film critic Joost Broeren-Huitenga (Filmkrant) and followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Ena Sendijarević.

Below you’ll find the programme for the coming months. More to be announced later!


Take Me Somewhere Nice – 10 May
The latest film by Ena Sendijarević which drew a lot of attention during the past edition of IFFR, where it won the Special Jury Award. Subtitles in Dutch.

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Fresh from Cannes – 25 June
Two IFFR-supported films that premiered in Cannes, now shown as part of LV♥IFFR Encore.

La Flor (Parte 1, 2 en 3) – 11-12-13 July
A monumental masterpiece by Mariano Llinás running for nearly 14 hours. Six films – from zombie B-film to spy drama – together form one master film with four amazing actresses cast for different roles in each film. An unforgettable ode to cinema. Divided into three parts.

Photo in header: Still: Take Me Somewhere Nice