Into The Great Wide Open 2019

We’re back to the island of Vlieland for the seventh year, bringing a late summer film programme to Into The Great Wide Open festival (ITGWO).

Lucky ones with a ticket to this sold out festival will be able to enjoy a special selection from IFFR, dedicated this year to short film, live performance and art. The programme will show at Podium Vlieland, the island’s local cinema space, and one additional work can be discovered in the woods along the festival’s art route.

Days of Future Past is IFFR’s take on the ITGWO 2019 theme Possible Futures. In which, there will be philosophically and speculatively tinted visions of past and future in surprising narrative forms. 

Two main compilations, Days of Future Past I and Days of Future Past II, willfeature short films from recent editions of IFFR. Such as Tomek Popakul’s award-winning noisy animation Acid Rain, as well as The Juggler by Skirmanta Jakaitė’ and The Sasha by María Molina Peiró, both selected for the Tiger Short Competition at IFFR 2019. 

Next to this will be Days of Future Past III, a selection of graduate projects of the VAV Moving Image department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Two live A/V performances by experimental artists Joost Rekveld, Justin Bennett and Roelf Toxopeus. And Donna Verheijden’s Kiss The Sky - Eye Trick and I as the art route selection. 

For the kids. who we don’t forget, we’ve put together two compilations from the festival’s education programme. Screening on both Saturday and Sunday morning: a cool collection of animated shorts from all over the world, as well as an ode to heroes. 

See the programme in detail below:


Days of Future Past I

Friday, 13:30 hrs
Saturday, 20:30 hrs 
Sunday, 13:00 hrs

The Sasha
María Molina Peiró, Netherlands, 2019, 20’

In 1972, Charles Duke lands on the Moon. The Sasha deals with humanity’s constant struggle with temporal and spatial limitations.

Days of Future Past II

Friday, 20:30 hrs
Saturday, 13:30 hrs
Sunday, 14:30 hrs

Armageddon 2
Corey Hughes, Cuba/USA, 2017, 6’

The internet in Cuba is very slow. A green-hooded mystery man relies on a black-market system with USB drives to get his movie fix.

Days of Future Past III (Gerrit Rietveld Academie)

Within the enormous range of graduation films from the Dutch film and art academies this year, there was a course that was clearly above ground level. The students from the VAV Moving Image department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy excelled in original film ideas and cinematographic imagination. The fact that each of them also gave a unique vision of our festival theme 'Possible Futures' was the reason for this exceptional compilation.

#2623 - Joost Rekveld and BMB Con.

Artist and experimental filmmaker Joost Rekveld presents an audiovisual performance, working with three performers part of BMB Con. who will respond to each other's images and sounds in a set-up that focuses on total improvisation. Rekveld made software based on how social insects such as ants and bees can be intelligent together. Justin Bennett and Roelf Toxopeus work with analog electronics, live coding and physical materials.

Kids’ programme 

Animated films from all over the world (4-8 years)

Saturday, 10:00 hrs
Sunday, 10:00 hrs 

Travelling Through Brush and Ink, Annlin Chao, Taiwan, 3’
Leave a Print, Christina S. Nerland, United Kingdom, 5’
Bobo, Andrej Rehak, Croatia, 13’
6:1, Sergei Ryabov, Russia, 3’
White Crow, Miran Miošić, Croatia, 9’
Like an Elephant in a China Shop, Louise Chevrier, Luka Fischer, Rodolphe Groshens, Marie Guillon, Estelle Martinez, Benoit Paillard, Lisa Rasasombat, France, 5’ 

Helden! (8-12 years)

Saturday 11:30 hrs
Sunday 11:30 hrs 

Marina, Kate Villevoye, Netherlands/United Kingdom, 6’ 
Fire in Cardboard City, Phil Brough, New Zealand, 9’ 
Bismillah, Alessandro Grande, Italy, 14’
180CC, René van Zundert, Netherlands, 17’
Skyggebokser, Andreas Bøggild Monies, Denmark, 22’

Photo in header: Still: Kiss The Sky - Eye Trick and I