IFFR Unleashed revamp

New look, new titles

Since its launch in January 2018, we’ve been busy with our exciting new platform IFFR Unleashed. We’re continuously adding new films, creating collections and recently, we restyled our website for a better look and improved usability. 

More is more

New films are added every week, and all of them have screened at previous editions of IFFR. We made the promise to upload at least 10 new titles every month, but in the past few months we’ve easily doubled, sometimes tripled, that goal. It's like Melissa van der Schoor (digital content manager of IFFR Unleashed) says: "Filmmakers are really embracing our platform. They share our goal of making their previous work available online, so that really turns it into a collaborative effort". IFFR Unleashed is scheduled to hit 400 films on our one-year anniversary in January 2019.


We've improved our website according to feedback and user wishes. is now much easier to browse our continuously growing film library using collections and tags. Before, for instance, it wasn’t possible to see which films had been added recently. Now it is. And the aesthetic side of things is important too. The whole thing just looks, well... better.

Check it out yourself

  • Still from Flowers of Taipei - Taiwan New Cinema (2014), film by Chinlin Hsieh.

  • Still from Blackhearts (2016), film by Fredrik Horn Akselsen, Christian Falch.

  • Still from Tikkun (2015), film by Avishai Sivan.

  • Still from António Um Dois Três (2017), film by Leonardo Mouramateus.

  • Still from Prologue to the Great Desaparecido (2013), film by Lav Diaz.

Support filmmakers

One things that hasn’t changed is our core ambition: to be a platform centred around filmmakers. The filmmakers and their films remain where they should be, right there in the spotlights. Maybe you've come across some of their personal messages talking about their films. We’ve said it before: by watching films on IFFR Unleashed, you directly support daring independent filmmaking, since half of the revenue goes directly to the filmmakers or rightsholders. So if you’re not on board yet, try it out now.