IFFR supports Videoland Academy

IFFR stands for the power and impact of independent film (art) and filmmakers. We therefore support and guide these makers wherever possible. From this mission, a new collaboration has emerged with the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), the Dutch Film Festival (NFF) and Dr. Script together with the Netherlands Film Fund to support the new Videoland Academy.


With this initiative, we want to offer a new generation of makers the opportunity to develop and gain experience within the professional practice in which commercial interests also play a role. The Videoland Academy offers a platform for this for at least the next three years.

Pitch your ideas!

Do you want to develop an original and exciting idea and participate in a number of inspiring workshops?

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What is Videoland Academy?

Every year, six plans for a fiction film for TV are selected and developed. The goal is to realise four fiction films, with a maximum length of 45 minutes per film. The Videoland Academy also develops three documentary series of a maximum of four episodes each year and to realise one of these series. A new theme is determined every year for both fiction and non-fiction projects.

Who is eligible?

The focus is on new makers. The film or series is chosen based on a synopsis. This synopsis can be can be submitted without a producer and without a director. Suitable candidates are graduate students from accredited film schools, art academies and writing courses who have been out of school for a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years. But also makers without training, but with a minimum of one and a maximum of three filmed scenarios to their name, may submit a plan. Find an overview of the guidelines and conditions that apply to all participants and the registration form here

Please note: Applications in Dutch.


  • On 30 September 2019, the launch of Videoland Academy will be on NFF.
  • During IFFR 2020 it will be announced which six fiction projects and which three documentary projects are being developed.
  • Two workshops will take place between January and April 2020.
  • On 16 April 2020, it will be announced which four fiction films and which documentary series will be realised.
  • Between April and July 2020, a maximum of three workshops will take place and directors and producers will be linked to the projects.
  • In principle, production starts on 1 September 2020. Completion of the films is scheduled for 1 March 2021.