IFFR-films in theatres: February / March

Did you miss a must-see film during IFFR 2018? Keep calm! Some IFFR-films will come out this year in Dutch cinemas, on dvd or as video on demand. We will keep you updated of this throughout the year. A handful of films are already (or will be shortly) in movie theatres around the country. We're talking about:

The End of Fear

In cinemas from 1 February 2018

Barnett Newman’s abstract painting Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue was murdered twice: first by a vandal with a utility knife, then by an incompetent conservator. The reconstruction of the crime inevitably leads to the question: What is art? Does it come down to the object or the idea?

The Florida Project

In cinemas from 8 February 2018

In six-year-old Moonee’s eyes, Disney World’s poverty-stricken environs provide fun adventures. Shielded by childhood, the problems are beyond her comprehension. Talented amateur actors, gorgeous camera work and an amazing role for Willem Dafoe are this colourful film’s main attractions.

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Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts

In cinemas from 15 February 2018

In this unconventional, slightly absurdist revenge Western set in the Far East, widow Marlina goes in search of justice. Her journey through the inhospitable countryside of the Indonesian island Sumba brings her unexpected allies and reveals unsuspected, powerful aspects of her character.

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The Insult

In cinemas from 15 February 2018

It starts as a minor altercation between hot-tempered Lebanese-Christian Toni and Palestinian-born contractor Yasser. But their quarrel escalates to a national crisis when it ends up in a court case that leads to a media storm. It becomes apparent that the old wounds of the Lebanese Civil War have not yet healed.

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The Shape of Water

In cinemas from 15 February 2018

Guillermo del Toro's latest magic-realist balancing act won the Golden Lion in Venice and is nominated for many Oscars. This utterly romantic, Cold War monster film combines acute commentary on today’s world with an ode to film genres from the past, from silent film to film noir.


In cinemas from 22 February 2018

She might be in her 70s, but actress Charlotte Rampling’s famous look has only become more mysterious over the years. This 'existential Giallo' – a type of Italian thriller – is all about that look: Hannah’s repressed grief and unspoken confusion after her husband is imprisoned.

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I, Tonya

In cinemas from 22 February 2018

Tragicomic biographical drama about the rapid rise and mediagenic demise of the American figure skater Tonya Harding. Talent and perseverance lead her to reach the absolute top, but was it the bizarre attack on her teammate and rival that really made Tonya world-famous and notorious? How could things get that far?

Jusqu'à la garde

In cinemas from 1 March 2018

This is as bad as it gets when divorced parents fight for custody of their son – a heartrending role by young Thomas Gioria. Making his feature debut, Legrand is inspired by both Kramer vs. Kramer and The Shining. This kitchen-sink thriller marks him as a talent to watch. Awarded for Best Director in Venice.

Phantom Thread

In cinemas from 1 March 2018

Couturier Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day-Lewis in his farewell role) leads an extremely well-ordered life in post-war London, which is disrupted by the arrival of waitress Alma (Vicky Krieps), whom he sees as his ideal model. Opulent, sensual and rather kinky, this drama by Paul Thomas Anderson has already garnered much praise. Featuring a romantic soundtrack by Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood.

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Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

In cinemas from 8 March 2018

In this stylish film set at the end of the 1970s, 55-year old Hollywood diva Gloria Grahame has what proves to be a unique affair with Peter, who is in his twenties. He sees something the studio bosses of yesteryear never did: she is more than just a pretty face.

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In cinemas from 15 March 2018

When a disoriented twenty-something moves in with her aloof, sick mother, painful situations are guaranteed to ensue. Coco (Elise van ’t Laar) does it anyway, in a last attempt to get closer and share love. That’s the last thing that the mother (Simone Kleinsma) wants. A tragicomic family drama about good intentions, ridiculous expectations and human impotence.

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In cinemas from 15 March 2018

Hearing is believing: Japanese Misako writes audio descriptions for blind and visually impaired film audiences. She receives harsh criticism from an almost blind photographer in her feedback panel. Nevertheless, the two of them come together in Kawase’s sensitive exploration of loss and acceptance – which also probes the role of photography and film.

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Sweet Country

In cinemas from 15 March 2018

Two Aboriginals on the run and a group of Australian vigilantes would make great characters in a tense chase thriller. However, director and cameraman Warwick Thornton turns Sweet Country into a stylized, beautifully shot Western based around the biting mutual fear between blacks and whites.


In cinemas from 29 March 2018

Impeccable slow cinema. Johan Leysen makes a great impression as a hermit who finds a half-naked young man in the forest and faces a moral dilemma. His intense and subdued acting and the pure, concise images provide a plethora of clues to fathom his hidden motives.

Photo in header: Still: The Florida Project