IFFR films in theatres: April

Whether you missed a must-see film at our last festival edition, or you just want your taste of IFFR throughout the year, it’s good news for you! Some IFFR 2019 films will reach big screens across the Netherlands, and we’ll be keeping you updated on their release. Here’s what’s to come in April 2019!

God Only Knows
Mijke de Jong, The Netherlands.

When Thomas has a nervous breakdown right before Easter, his older sister Doris rushes to his aid. Younger sister Hannah doesn’t think this is what he needs. Sharp, heart-warming, painful, funny moments unfold in the subsequent days, filling in the background to and details of their difficult, but close, family bonds.

In theatres from 4 April!

Meryem Benm'Barek, Morocco/France/Qatar.

Sofia, a Moroccan girl, is 20, unmarried and almost a mother – and didn’t even know she was pregnant. The unexpected birth causes major problems in a country where sex outside marriage is a criminal offence. Powerful feature debut that throws a composed yet sharp light on an unreasonable social system.

In theatres from 4 April!

Gloria Bell
Sebastián Lelio, Chile/USA.

Shot-for-shot remake of Lelio’s own Gloria (2013). Now the sparkling Julianne Moore plays the divorced Gloria Bell, who likes to be on the dance floor. Until she starts an uneasy romance with a man she met at the bar (John Turturro) and the meticulous balance in her life is disturbed.

In theatres from 4 April!

They Shall Not Grow Old
Peter Jackson, United Kingdom/New Zealand.

What at first looks like a by-the-book documentary on WWI from the fighting men’s perspective, turns out to be the biggest and most dazzling experimental film of 2018. Using original materials as something akin to a cyanotype, Jackson digitally created a completely new experience in colour, 3D and with a mind-blowing soundscape!

In theatres from 11 April!

  • Still from God Only Knows

  • Still from Sofia

  • Still from Leto

  • Still from Miel-Emile

  • Still from Vox Lux

  • Still from Dirty God

Kirill Serebrennikov, Russia/France.

Punky biopic about the Leningrad underground music scene in the 1980s, based on the early years of pop icon Viktor Tsoï and his legendary band Kino. With Bowie, Blondie and T. Rex in the cassette recorder they charge themselves up for their performances, but the censor is listening in. Full of surrealistic interludes and rebellious energy.

In theatres from 18 April!

Peter van Houten, The Netherlands.

In 2015, IFFR screened filmmaker Peter van Houten’s The Life of Jean-Marie. The slow-cinema portrait of a talkative pastor in the French Pyrenees proved an audience favourite at the time. In Miel-Emile, Van Houten presents his younger brother, the thoughtful Emile. Surrounded by beautiful nature, he wrestles with his past.

In theatres from 18 April!

Vox Lux
Brady Corbet, USA.

Unconventional, visually spectacular drama about superstar Celeste (Raffey Cassidy and Natalie Portman), whose fame is due to a violent incident in high school and her elder sister’s talent. An incisive analysis of the violence and fame that turns people into cynical narcissists.

In theatres from 18 April!


Dirty God
Sacha Polak, The Netherlands/United Kingdom/Belgium/Ireland.

Young London mother Jade (a superb performance by Vicky Night) must rebuild her life following an acid attack, although she hardly dares look in the mirror. Sacha Polak’s powerful portrait of a complex woman retains the intensity of her previous features, Hemel and Zurich.

In theatres from 25 April!

Watch an interview with Sacha Polak and Vicky Knight

Photo in header: Still: They Shall Not Grow Old