IFFR at VR Days Europe 2019

Celebrating the 4th year of our partnership, IFFR will present eleven XR projects at the next VR Days Europe, 13 and 14 November in Amsterdam. IFFR Pro x VR Days is an opportunity for financing, distribution, and connection to potential partners for the selected makers. From the eleven, four projects will be invited to IFFR Pro x VR Days during the IFFR Pro Days at IFFR 2020.

Head of IFFR Pro, Marit van den Elshout: "the partnership with VR Days Europe is important to IFFR because there are still quite a few silos in which different forms of media live. Bringing filmmakers and professionals in contact with new technologies and professionals from the immersive media in Amsterdam and then bringing the latter into the ‘film world’ that IFFR is, offers a good foundation for interesting cross collaborations. What is equally important that we don’t just showcase projects, but also use both platforms to discuss the financing, distribution and future of these different media."


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  • Bioluminescence - First Contact by Abel Kohen, Igal Kohen & Jon Rowe

  • Doubts of a Genius by Matteo Lonardi & Francesco Lonardi

  • El Amor Robado al Tiempo by Carlo Corinaldesi & Juan Manuel Escobar

  • End of Night by David Adler & Mikkel Skov

  • Floating with Spirits by Juanita Onzaga & An Oost

  • Letter From The Heart by Jef Dehouse & Maïté Spaenjers

  • Missing 10 Hours VR by Fanni Fazakas

  • Odd&Ity by Ricardo Laganaro

  • Shock The Monkey by Blies Brothers

  • The Merry Widow by Bianca Li

Full selection

  • Bioluminescence - First Contact by Abel Kohen, Igal Kohen & Jon Rowe - IKO, Reynard Films, Prefontal Cortex
    A first-person cinematic VR experience that thrusts the user into the role of Rachael, a fearless diver exploring the ocean abyss. 
  • Doubts of a Genius by Matteo Lonardi & Francesco Lonardi - ReframeVR
    Leonardo Da Vinci is revered today as a genius who dared to dream. What few people know is that Leonardo was often criticized by his contemporaries, and he himself doubted the value of his work. Doubts of a Genius, a VR interactive experience, explores the man behind the legacy by looking at self-doubt in the creative process. 
  • El Amor Robado al Tiempo by Carlo Corinaldesi & Juan Manuel Escobar - Metro New Media
    This immersive and poetic experience, with both introspective and dreamlike moments, strives to promote the remembrance of an innocent young man and to help to create consciousness and awareness in the audience, about a still unresolved scandal for Colombia.
  • End of Night by David Adler & Mikkel Skov - Makropol, Sun Creature Studio
    You are sitting on the passenger seat in a rowboat in the middle of the ocean. An older man, Joseph, sits in front of you and rows. He tells you a story about the night he escaped from German soldiers during the Second World War and how he fought to bring his family with him. 
  • Floating with Spirits by Juanita Onzaga & An Oost - Timescapes
    A young indigenous girl in the mystic mountains of Mexico grows up with the stories of her shaman grandmother. The stories tell about spirits that live in the mountains and waterfalls, in rain and wind. 
  • Letter From The Heart by Jef Dehouse & Maïté Spaenjers - The Fridge, Potemkino Next
    A VR diary made by a mother for her unborn child. Anna, the mother, virtually takes you into her amazing world ‘Yourland’. 
  • Missing 10 Hours VR by Fanni Fazakas - OCG Media
    What do you do if your control is taken by a drug and given to another human being? How do you behave when you have total power over a defenceless person?
  • Odd&Ity by Ricardo Laganaro - ARVORE Immersive Experiences
    There is an unknown place far away from here, a place which was divided in two. Those two sides are opposite in absolutely every aspect.
  • Shock The Monkey by Blies Brothers - a_BAHN
    SOMA is an activist against the dominant system. It is also the code name for the brain liberation program she and her team are running.
  • The Merry Widow by Bianca Li
    An adaptation of Franz Lehar's joyful operetta into a highly immersive VR experience by Blanca Li. Everyone will be free to dance, live the experience his own way and interact with whom he wishes.
  • Whitehats by Ricard Gras, Christian Neuman & Hélène Walland - Wild Fang Films
    Whitehats is a single-player action-adventure where the user plays the role of K8, a former spy who has fallen victim to a terror attack.

 A jury consisting of Jolinde den Haas (VR scout IFFR), Marit van den Elshout (head of IFFR Pro) and Wendy Bernfeld founder/M.D. of Rights Stuff will select four projects which will be included in the CineMart line-up for IFFR 2020.

Photo in header: Letter From The Heart by Jef Dehouse & Maïté Spaenjers