IFFR 2024 in cinemas

16 February 2024

Film still: Green Border


IFFR 2024 in cinemas

16 February 2024

From the festival to the cinema screen, find out which IFFR titles can be seen in theatres now.

New releases

78 Days

dir. Emilija Gašić, Serbia

After their father is conscripted during the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia, three sisters begin a Hi8 video diary in their countryside home. Themes of war, girlhood and video memory seamlessly intertwine in this touching, intimate coming-of-age tale.

Find out more via Kriterion Amsterdam

Banel & Adama

dir. Ramata-Toulaye Sy, France, Senegal, Mali

Newly-wed couple Banel and Adama defy their community’s traditions to live together in a house outside the village. However this spirit of independence won’t be easily tolerated, and the village is soon visited upon by a deadly drought, severely straining the bond between the lovers.

Blue Giant

dir. Tachikawa Yuzuru, Japan

Adapted from Shinichi Ishizuka’s manga of the same name, Blue Giant is a spirited, delightfully chaotic and intimate story of self-discovery and friendship. With a scorching passion for jazz throughout, it resonates like a perfectly improvised note.

Close Your Eyes

dir. Víctor Erice, Spain,  Argentina

Víctor Erice, living legend of Spanish cinema, finishes his first feature film in 31 years. Close Your Eyes is a melancholic tribute to the power and meaning of cinema and a deeply personal mediation on his own oeuvre.

Los delincuentes

dir. Rodrigo Moreno, Argentina, Luxembourg

A bank employee commits a heist and turns a reluctant co-worker into his secret accomplice, their destinies become dramatically intertwined. Full of mutations and detours, Los delincuentes turns out to be many films in one: when you think you’ve figured it out, it darts away.

Evil Does Not Exist

dir. Hamaguchi Ryūsuke, Japan

Opening as a fable of a community standing up for a pristine environment against a corporate developer, Hamaguchi Ryusuke's Evil Does Not Exist takes you on a path  deep into a breathtaking wintry arcadia and the corners of human nature.

Four Daughters

dir. Kaouther Ben Hania, France, Tunisia, Germany

When Tunisian mother Olfa’s two eldest daughters disappear, the remaining family is left to examine their memories and traumas. Using a unique process combining direct interviews and re-enactments, this raw and riveting hybrid documentary explores the powers of rebellion, resilience and sisterhood.

The Iron Claw

dir. Sean Durkin, United States, United Kingdom

Before the US pro-wrestling circuit became a multi-billion-dollar industry, there were the Von Erichs, a sibling clan who dominated the sport in the 1980s. Sean Durkin's impressive drama features performances by Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White and Lily James.


dir. Stefanie Kolk, Netherlands

Nadat haar kindje doodgeboren wordt, begint Robin melk te produceren. Niet in staat om uiting te geven aan haar enorme verdriet, besluit ze haar moedermelk te doneren. De debuutspeelfilm van Stefanie Kolk is een krachtige, aangrijpende studie over de stille facetten van verlies. 

The Promised Land

dir. Nikolaj Arcel, Denmark

Denmark, 1755. Retired captain Ludvig Kahlen (Mads Mikkelsen) sets out to the barren plains of Jutland, hoping to turn it into arable territory. To achieve his goal, however, he must overcome the cold-blooded landlord Frederik De Schinkel, who sees Kahlen as a trespasser on his domain.  


dir. Marco Bellocchio, Italy, France, Germany

Drama, thriller and analysis of structures of power, Rapito is a poignant intrigue based on the real case of Edgardo Mortara: a Jewish boy born in Bologna in 1851, abducted from his family at six-years-old and raised Catholic by the sinister Papal authorities.

De wereld van Carlijn

dir. Ariane Greep, Netherlands

Dutch artist and cartographer Carlijn Kingma is finishing her ambitious artwork The Waterworks of Money, on the ways the financial sector shapes society. In this intimate documentary filmmaker Ariane Greep shows a master at work, who uses art to make complex and urgent issues visible.

The Zone of Interest

dir. Jonathan Glazer, United States, United Kingdom, Poland

In Auschwitz Rudolf Höss (Christian Friedel) and his wife Hedwig (Sandra Hüller) set up their idyllic new home. Jonathan Glazer’s Cannes Grand Prix-winning film is a stunningly sensorial and harrowing exploration of a life lived in the shadow of unspeakable horror.

Coming soon

The Beast

Bertrand Bonello, France, Canada

This science fiction melodrama jumps between past lives, each haunted by love. In 1910, 2014 and 2044, three versions of Gabrielle (Léa Seydoux) live very different lives, with the same recurring ghosts: among them, an apocalyptic foreboding and a man – Louis (George MacKay).

From 9 May


dir. Guido Coppis, Netherlands

A dysfunctional love affair offering a shimmer of hope in Guido Coppis’ debut feature. Mark's (Reinout Scholten van Aschat) life has lost all colour. But then, at his grandfather’s death bed, he meets Lisa (Frieda Barnhard) – who is almost as destructive as he is.

From 30 May


dir. Anne Fontaine, France, Belgium

Maurice Ravel’s Boléro remains one of the most beloved classical compositions of the twentieth century. It lies at the heart of Anne Fontaine’s (Coco avant Chanel, 2009) involving biopic, which details the role three women played in the composer’s creative process.

From 23 May


 Quentin Dupieux, France

Not a conventional biopic of famous Spanish artist Salvador Dalí, but a neo-surrealistic reverie by Quentin Dupieux on identity, image, performance and ultimately the cinema itself. Numerous actors are used to play the flamboyant Dalí, forever 'acting out' his outrageous whims and impulses.

From 23 May

a Few Mornings, an Evening

Astrid van Nimwegen, Netherlands

Dogs, sheep, goats, humans and many other animals go about their daily affairs on a farm in the Czech countryside. Tenderly capturing their reciprocal dynamics, a Few mornings, an Evening invites us to observe and reflect on our relationship with animals in human agriculture.

From 2 May

Green Border

Agnieszka Holland, Poland, France, Czech Republic, Belgium

The swampy forests on the border between Belarus and Poland are the central location of this kaleidoscopic fiction from Agnieszka Holland: a film that follows the crossing paths of different characters whose lives are dramatically altered by the ongoing geopolitical humanitarian crisis.

From 18 April

Krazy House

Steffen Haars, Flip van der Kuil, Nederland

What begins as a mock sitcom about a cutesy family gradually becomes a home invasion thriller and then an apocalyptic horror movie. Popular Dutch duo Steffen & Flip serve up a riotous, extreme, unhinged comedy – featuring none other than Nick Frost and Alicia Silverstone!

From May 16


dir. Lillah Halla, Brazil, France, Uruguay

When the star player of a Brazilian high-school volleyball team discovers she is pregnant, her attempts to seek an abortion in a country where it is illegal are undermined by right-wing activists, in this timely and moving portrait of resilience and friendship.

Winner IFFR Youth Jury Award 2024

From 20 June

Lost in the Night

dir. Amat Escalante, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden

Does the luxury home of a celebrity artist couple hide a shocking truth? And can two working-class teenagers uncover this truth without getting killed? IFFR regular Amat Escalante changes his signature style in this gripping tale of power, politics and persuasion in contemporary Mexican society.

From 16 May

Together 99

dir. Lukas Moodysson, Sweden

Once a thriving collective of colourful individuals, the Tillsammans commune now only has two members, Göran and Klasse. To raise their flagging spirits, Klasse invites erstwhile members for a reunion. As they catch up over a highly eventful evening, old scars resurface alongside new hopes. 

From 30 May

Terrestrial Verses

dir. Ali Asgari, Alireza Khatami, Iran

Across delicate dialogues that broach minor and major taboos, civilians in Tehran run up against a host of authority figures in everyday situations. A deliciously dark satire, Terrestrial Verses unveils the nature of the control that Iranian citizens are subject to from birth to death.

From 25 April

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