IFFR 2022: Cinema Regained

24 January 2022

Film still: Urf


IFFR 2022: Cinema Regained

24 January 2022

Cinema Regained, our programme dedicated to living film history, is where restored classics and unknown masterpieces, documentaries about celebrated filmmakers, and experimental explorations of cinema's heritage meet and play. Dive into this edition’s selection, made up of Korean TV treasures, Indian star lookalikes, ČSSR New Wave cinema, and more.

Every Week Seven Days

Sometimes light-hearted, sometimes gloomy scenes from the day-to-day same old, same old of young adults turn into an anxiety-riddled existentialist vision in the shadow of atomic overkill. A rarely seen masterpiece of modernist poetics from a Slovak pioneer of ČSSR New Wave cinema.

Korean Ghost Stories – ieodo

This episode from a popular Korean TV series of strange folk tales narrates the legend of Ieodo Island, an empire ruled by women that is sometimes seen as a utopia. A television treasure complementing the screening of Modern Korea: The Age of Beasts.


The Lady from Constantinople

Scenes from the life of a lonely elderly lady changing houses, doing home chores, and walking around town. Yet time and again she finds herself suddenly in outright surreal situations, including a rooftop funeral and an impromptu party full of strangers.

Modern Korea: The Age of Beasts

An archive materials-based investigation into the way Korean state television in the 1980s and 1990s presented discrimination and violence against women in teleplays, talk and variety shows, as well as news items. A timely think piece of rare cinematic elegance.



A joyfully curious look into the daily lives of several Indian star lookalikes (commonly referred to as Juniors), turns into an essay on how original a human being can ever hope to be.


What Beat You Nothing

Alla Demidova ranks among the greatest actresses to have graced the Russian-language stage over the past six decades, as well as screens big and small. This film is a most unusual undertaking: it is not only a portrait of an artist, but an essay, a series of thoughts on Soviet and Russian history.

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