HBF invests in post-production

IFFR’s Hubert Bals Fund (HBF) continues to extend the ways in which it supports independent film. By entering a partnership with the newly founded Netherlands Post production Alliance (NPA), the HBF is creating new pathways along which quality world cinema can find its way to the Netherlands.

The Hubert Bals Fund was founded in 1988 to support remarkable feature film projects by innovative filmmakers from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe. It provides grants at various production stages, which often end up playing a crucial role in enabling filmmakers to realise their projects. This collaboration with the NPA signals the HBF’s efforts to expand and solidify its activities at the post-production stage of the filmmaking process.

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About HBF

NPA invests in post-production of selected HBF titles

Festival director Bero Beyer: “The HBF finds that projects are in need of support in the final phase of production. And Dutch post-production houses are up for the task of delivering solutions for international independent films, with a real commitment to IFFR cinema. The new collaboration between the HBF and the NPA intends to bridge the gap. This endeavour is a first step towards further solidifying post-production support for HBF projects and quality cinema.”

Marit van den Elshout, head of IFFR PRO: “The role of the HBF will be to select, connect and present. Films selected and previously supported by the HBF are introduced to the members of the NPA, who will then support these projects and take on a role in the post-production process.”

Peter Warnier, board member of the NPA: “One of the reasons we founded the NPA is to broaden the horizon for Dutch post-production. So we are thrilled to collaborate with IFFR to direct more independent films to the Netherlands. It promises to be a fruitful team effort, benefiting both the Dutch post-production sector and international cinema.”

The Netherlands Post production Alliance

In May 2018, a total of thirteen high-end companies covering image post, sound post and VFX combined their forces to form the Netherlands Post production Alliance. The organisation focuses on the expansion of the Dutch post-production presence on the international playing field and raising awareness of the Netherlands Film Production Incentive, a scheme that offers up to 35% cash rebate to (co-)productions.

“We came up with the idea of uniting Dutch post-production during Cannes 2017,” explains Warnier. “One year later, our plan has become a reality. So it makes perfect sense to announce and celebrate our foundation during Cannes 2018 and to connect our organisation with IFFR’s funding arm: the HBF.”