Support Oleg Sentsov

Watch his film Gaamer on IFFR Unleashed to support his case.

Support Sentsov by watching his film

Oleg Sentsov, a talented filmmaker and friend of IFFR, has been on hunger strike in a Siberian prison since 14 May. In our last call supporting his case we shared the letter we wrote, together with Dutch film institutions, urging the European Parliament to do everything in its power to ensure his immediate release. Today, marking over eight weeks in a critical state, we repeat our plea in this urgent call for action.

Sentsov’s film Gaamer was screened at IFFR back in 2012, it was the film’s worldwide premiere. His producers have kindly allowed us the rights to share this feature film on our streaming platform IFFR Unleashed. It is our mission to support filmmakers through this platform and this means we ensure that revenue from every film is split 50/50. In this instance, we will direct 100% of the pay-per-view revenue towards supporting the filmmaker’s case.

Our festival director Bero Beyer commented: “In order to raise awareness of Sentsov’s case once more and to enable people to get to know the excellent filmmaker behind the prisoner, we decided to upload Gaamer to IFFR Unleashed, our streaming platform. It’s the least we could do. Politically motivated injustice should not and will not silence independent filmmaking!”

Watch Gaamer on IFFR Unleashed.

Amnesty International has been closely following developments in Sentsov’s case from his first involvement in the Maidan protests of 2014 through to his sentencing of 20 years imprisonment during what they called a “grossly unfair trial”. Amnesty recently released their Urgent Action Update and their latest public statement can be found here.

We urge you to help our friend by sharing this messsage and film with your own friends and networks.

#FreeSentsov #SaveOlegSentsov