Fortunato Cerlino tips IFFR

With a total of 538 films screening at IFFR, we understand it can be quite a challenge to pick the right one. Therefore we asked connaisseurs, tastemakers and other enthusiasts about their personal favourites. You might know the Italian actor Fortunato Cerlino from the series Gomorra. He is here at IFFR to promote his new film Coureur, in which he stars as a cycling coach. We asked Cerlino what he looks forward to the most at IFFR 2019. Unsurprisingly, the actor came up with a selection of Italian features and shorts.

“I’m so happy to see that the team of IFFR selected so many Italian films. They are all very different but each shows a unique side of Italy. From a nature documentary in northern Italy to poetic surrealism in the countryside by Alice Rohrwacher.”

Coureur byKenneth Mercken
This equally intoxicating and critical take on professional cycling makes the competitive, destructive lives of the pro cyclists almost physically tangible.

L’ inconnu de Collegno by Maïder Fortuné
A man in an empty room, an interrogation. What is his past? Maïder Fortuné adapted a real event that fascinated Mussolini’s 1930s Italy. The mystery of identity and the conflict between science and belief revealed by examining a damaged memory.



Bangla by Phaim Bhuiyan
Based on the life of the filmmaker himself, this romantic comedy tells the story of a second-generation immigrant in Rome. When he falls in love, his butterflies clash with parental expectations. A playful debut that tackles complex themes such as integration, multiculturalism, religion and identity without losing its light-hearted tone.



Lazzaro felice by Alice Rohrwacher
Award-winning Italian director Alice Rohrwacher’s modern fable concerns the innocent Lazzaro and the other villagers who live like Medieval serfs on a tobacco plantation. Following a dramatic incident, they are dragged kicking and screaming into the modern world – whether they’ll be better off there or not remains to be seen.



IFFR x B&M: Guillermo Arriaga
In the literary programme Boek & Meester, Mexican author, screenwriter and director Guillermo Arriaga discusses his latest novel The Savage and the various films for which he has written the screenplays. The most prominent of these are the 'death trilogy' he made with director Alejandro González Iñárritu: Amores perros, 21 Grams and Babel.



IFFR x B&M: Guillermo Arriaga

In the literary programme Boek & Meester, author, scriptwriter and filmmaker Guillermo Arriaga talks about his new novel The Savage, and films for which he wrote scenarios, including Love's a Bitch and Babel.

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Frameworks Master Talk Philippe Parreno
A museum artist par excellence, Parreno confronts himself for the first time with the legacy of the cinema theatre. In one go, he also gives the concept of the ‘retrospective’ a completely new twist. Senior curator at Tate Modern Andrea Lissoni, who curated several major projects with Parreno, unravels his strategies.


Frameworks Master Talk Philippe Parreno

One of the most unique and challenging artists of our time converses with Andrea Lissoni, senior curator at Tate Modern.

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No More Reality Whereabouts by Philippe Parreno
No More Reality Whereabouts is an entirely new project, born out of Parreno’s previous film works. This feature-length film combines twenty years of existing and re-edited footage to generate a 'film of films'; a hybrid that is both a non-exhaustive retrospective and the creation of a new persona through the symbiosis of its constituent parts.



Photo in header: Fortunato Cerlino