On demand at IFFR

19 January 2023

On demand at IFFR


On demand at IFFR

19 January 2023

This festival edition we’re happy to be back in Rotterdam, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the comfort of your living room either. And for those who choose to forego the festival buzz, it’s the perfect excuse to create a cinematic experience at home.

At IFFR 2023 you can watch selected films on demand during the entire festival period. Please note that our on demand programme can only be viewed online from within the Netherlands. You can catch our IFFR Talks online, by enjoying our recordings shared on the website following the event – available worldwide.

See the on demand programme

Here are some of our favourite watch-at-home tips from our very own audience members and IFFR programmers:

  • Make yourself comfortable. No film should be watched from an office chair.
  • Plan your film carefully and watch it in one go.
  • Get your audio in check, either through external speakers, headphones or sound system.
  • Install a beamer for true cinema vibes.
  • Order your favourite festival food and beverages for watching IFFR at home, or stop by Dudok Rotterdam (Meent 88), to pick up our special Tiger beer from Kaapse Brouwers, available during this festival time.

FAQ Online Festival

Enjoy the flexibility of on demand

All films from the selected on demand programme of IFFR 2023 can be viewed online. Watch them on demand, at a time of your choice – and create your own festival schedule.

We offer a selection of 25 films online. The film selection is released in two parts: the first part will be available on demand from Thursday 26 January at 09:00, the second from Wednesday 1 February at 09:00. All on demand films are available until 21:00 on Sunday, February 5.

Tickets for on demand films will go on sale on Friday, 20 January 2022 at 20:00. For Tiger Members, tickets will go on sale a day earlier, on Thursday 19 January at 20:00. Tickets for on demand can be bought until Sunday 5 February at 20:55. Tickets for online films bought approaching 20:55 can still be watched but cannot be paused, so they  must be watched in one sitting after 20:55. 

Please note: The capacity for films on demand is large, but not unlimited. An online film can therefore also be sold out. If you have purchased a ticket, you can only watch the film once. You have rented the film for one screening. After you press start, you have a maximum of 24 hours (within the viewing period) to watch the film.

Please note:Tickets for on-demand films can only be purchase online

Tickets for watching IFFR films online through on demand screenings are only available online and not via ticket support desks at the festival.

On-demand films are only accessible in the Netherlands

Watching on demand films from the selected online films for IFFR 2023 is only available to audiences in the Netherlands, not worldwide.

See the programme for IFFR 2023

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