Critics' Choice V: Vivien Kristin Buchhorn

Vivien Kristin Buchhorn will present a video essay at Critics’ Choice V: Absence.

Note(s) on Absence

Absence is Janus-headed: a king can be absent, a mother or a feeling; a color can be absent, a mind or a lover, but all these images of absence are retrievable in our minds as they were once present. Film is present at a certain time, can be revealed or hidden through time by the forces it is dependent on. Absent films play with our curiosity and when they emerge again they give us the privileged feeling of seeing something valuable. If we discover the absent we want to make it visible again – but what if the absent has its splendor just because it is not? What if gaps in stories or accessibility can work as a reminder to guide our activism?

Vivien Kristin Buchhorn is a free curator, critic and program manager of Berlin Critics' Week based in Berlin. Vivien organised the first German retrospective of Sohrab Shahid Saless films in Berlin and later for an international audience at the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Currently she works on a film series, which traces gaps of transnational film histories.

Photo in header: Still: Roi soleil