CineMart selection 2014

Make way for the 25 projects that will be presented at IFFR's co-production market CineMart in 2014.

Overview of the projects selected for CineMart 2014, in alphabetical order:

  • Alina by Björne Larson, Hepp Film International (Sweden)
  • An - sweet red bean paste by Naomi Kawase, Kumie Inc. & Comme des Cinemas (Japan & France)
  • Charlie & Hannah's Grand Night Out by Bert Scholiers, Minds Meet (Belgium)
  • Chingari - The Spark by Rajesh S. Jala, The Elements & A.S.A.P. Films (India & France)
  • Fresh by Peter Webber, Full House & 4direcciones (France & Colombia)
  • Happy Time will Come Soon by Alessandro Comodin, Okta Film & Shellac Sud (Italy & France)
  • Let There Be Morning by Eran Kolirin, Dori Media Paran (Israel)
  • Loveling by Gustavo Pizzi, Baleia Filmes & Bubbles Project (Brazil)
  • Monk by Ties Schenk, Viking Film & A Private View (Netherlands & Belgium)
  • Monos (working title) by Alejandro Landes & Alexis Dos Santos, No Franja (Colombia)
  • Mustang by Deniz Gamze Ergüven, Aurora Films & Vistamar Filmproduktion (Turkey, France & Germany)
  • Nervous Translation by Shireen Seno, Peliculas Los Otros (Philippines)
  • Pity by Babis Makridis, Beben Films, Faliro House Productions, Feelgood Entertainment S.A. & Warp Films UK (Greece & United Kingdom)
  • Porcelain by Jenneke Boeijink, CTM Pictures (Netherlands)
  • The Sky is Blue Like an Orange by Caveh Zahedi, Greyshack Films (USA)
  • Tabija by Igor Drljaca, SCCA/ (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Tiempo compartido by Sebastian Hofmann, Piano & Cortés Films (Mexico & USA)
  • United States of Love by Tomasz Wasilewski, Manana (Poland)
  • Untitled by Eliza Hittman, Infinitum Productions (USA)
  • Vierges by Keren Ben Rafael, Avenue B Productions & Lama Films (France & Israel)

Overview of the projects selected for Art:Film:

  • Fierté nationale by Sven Augustijnen, Auguste Orts & Cobra Films (Belgium)
  • Tarda primavera by Michelangelo Frammartino, Vivo film srl (Italy)
  • Invention by Mark Lewis, Soda Film +Art & National Film Board of Canada (United Kingdom & Canada)

Overview of the projects selected for Boost! 2014 and presented at CineMart 2014:

  • La tierra y la sombra by César Acevedo, Burning Blue & Cine-Sud Promotion (Colombia & France)
  • Tjovitjo by Vincent Moloi, Puo Pha Productions (South Africa)