BoostNL 2019/2020

On the way to the 49th edition of IFFR and the IFFR Pro Days in 2020, the BoostNL selection is always a first milestone. For the nine projects, the programme will start at the end of this month with the first session during the Holland Film Meeting (HFM) at the Nederlands Film Festival. From there, it is determined per project which support is most desired towards and during IFFR in January.

This year four out of the nine projects were previously supported by the Hubert Bals Fund, four are from the Netherlands (selected by HFM) and the last one is the winner of the Yellow Robin Award, Wild Gleaming Space by the Panamanian filmmaker Mauro Colombo.

In addition to Mauro Colombo's film, the international selection consists of Rapture by Dominic Sangma, Figures in the Urban Landscape by Ekaterina Selenkina, The Station by Sara Ishaq and From Guiné by Caroline Leone who was selected for IFFR 2017 with Pela Janela.

CIFFR 2019

CIFFR is our sister festival in the Caribbean region. The award offers regional filmmakers an international springboard.

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During HFM, all projects will follow a tailor-made trajectory, in which all projects engage in discussions with (international) professionals, ranging from renowned script consultants to successful sales agents, from festival strategists to financiers. In addition, they will also attend targeted sessions designed to address the specific needs of their projects. For example, director Mijke de Jong (Layla M, God Only Knows) will coach participants in directing non-actors before they receive the wisdom and guidance of production designer Fiona Crombie (The Favourite). Psychiatrist Damiaan Denys will peel away and expose the deeper human layers of each project, as sound designer Jane Tattersall (The Handmaid’s Tale) explores the auditory possibilities of the new filmscapes under construction.

BoostNL 2019

The meet-up for filmprofessionals during the Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht.

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BoostNL is a collaboration between IFFR Pro's CineMart and Holland Film Meeting (Dutch Film Festival) to strengthen the market potential for Dutch films in development and international projects that have previously received support from the Hubert Bals Fund. This year the selection also includes for the first time a VR project, The Great Orator by writer-director Daniel Ernst and producer Submarine.

Full selection

International projects:

  • Rapture (India/China) by Dominic Sangma
    Producer: Anna Films

  • From Guiné (Brazil) by Caroline Leone
    Producer: Vulcana Cinema

  • The Station (Yemen/Jordan) by Sara Ishaq
    Producer: Screen Project

  • Figures in the Urban Landscape (Russia) by Ekaterina Selenkina
    Producer: Vladimir Nadein

  • Wild Gleaming Space (Panama) by Mauro Colombo
    Producer: Apertura Films

Dutch projects:

  • The Dumped (Netherlands) by Malu Janssen
    Producer: IJswater Films

  • Groundswell (Netherlands/South-Africa) by Daniel Bruce
    Producer: New Amsterdam Film Company

  • The Idyll and Other Exotics (Netherlands) by Aaron Rookus
    Producer: Studio Ruba

  • The Great Orator (Netherlands) by Daniel Ernst
    Producer: Submarine Channel

Photo in header: © BoostNL session at HFM in 2018