Big Screen Competition revealed

18 December 2019


Big Screen Competition revealed

18 December 2019

Nine brand new and powerful films have been selected for the Big Screen Competition, in which an audience jury will award one of the films with the VPRO Big Screen Award. The prize, a collaboration between IFFR, VPRO and NPO, is worth €30,000 and guarantees a local theatrical release as well as screening on Dutch public television.

New works by prominent filmmakers as well as a debut feature make up the diverse selection of the Big Screen Competition. Each of the nominated films deserves a place on the big screen beyond the framework of the festival. The VPRO Big Screen Award offers a cash prize of €30,000 – half of which goes to the filmmaker and the other half goes towards the winning film's release.

The 2020 selection features amongst others the world premiere of Eden, the third feature film by Agnes Koscis, following her prior features Fresh Air (IFFR 2007) and Adrienn Pál (IFFR 2011). Teddy Award winner Marco Berger will present the world premiere of his newest film El cazador. The selection also includes the most recent works of two filmmakers who have previously been part of the Tiger Competition: Sophie Letourneur (La vie au Rauch, IFFR 2010) and Chang Tso-chi (Ah Chung, IFFR 1997) will celebrate the international premieres of respectively Énorme and Synapses in the Big Screen Competition.

Big Screen Competition selection

Eden, Ágnes Kocsis, 2020, Hungary/Romania, world premiere
Can love save Éva from a world that is making her sick, or will she have to stay in her sterile apartment forever?

El cazador, Marco Berger, 2020, Argentina, world premiere
Compact drama about a 15-year old boy who receives a video of him having sex with another boy.

Énorme, Sophie Letourneur, 2019, France, international premiere
A famous pianist is unexpectedly pregnant, thanks to her over-controlling husband. This raw comedy bends genders in unexpected, weird ways.

The Evening Hour, Braden King, 2020, USA, international premiere
An empathetic portrait of economic decline and spiritual redemption in a rural American mining town where the drug trade has become part of the social fabric.

Fanny Lye Deliver’d, Thomas Clay, 2019, United Kingdom/Germany, international premiere
A cross-genre western, invasion thriller and survival drama which depicts the political and sexual liberation of a deeply religious woman in 1657 England.

Mosquito, João Nuno Pinto, 2020, Portugal/France/Brazil, world premiere
Mozambique, 1917. Teenage soldier Zacarias travels alone through this Portuguese colony, dizzy with malaria. A film like a feverish dream.

A Perfectly Normal Family, Malou Reymann, 2020, Denmark, world premiere
When the father of two Danish girls becomes a trans woman, the younger daughter in particular struggles with this uncomfortable transition.

Synapses, Chang Tso-chi, 2019, Taiwan, international premiere
Melancholy Taiwanese family drama about the meaning and function of memories and the indestructibility of family ties.

A Yellow Animal, Felipe Bragança, 2020, Brazil/Portugal/Mozambique, world premiere
Melancholy, tragicomic fable about a bankrupt Brazilian filmmaker links a personal history to the shadows of Portuguese colonialism.

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