And the first film is...

The film HISTORY’S FUTURE by director and artist Fiona Tan is the first of eight films to be selected for the Hivos Tiger Awards Competition 2016. 

Festival director Bero Beyer: “I am particularly happy that, with Fiona Tan’s HISTORY’S FUTURE, we will be able to present the world premiere of a cinematographically strong film. The maker’s unique way of working and distinct voice as an auteur make this a marvellous, engaging and intriguing film. The kind of envelope-pushing experience Rotterdam has always promoted.” 

In 2013 the film project took part in CineMart, the festival’s co-production market. Tan’s screenplay, written with renowned film critic Jonathan Romney, attracted top acting talent including Mark O'Halloran (CALVARY), Denis Lavant (HOLY MOTORS, BEAU TRAVAIL) and Johanna ter Steege (SPOORLOOS, TIRZA). Part fiction, part documentary and partly an essay probing the world of today, HISTORY´S FUTURE is about a man’s odyssey through the turbulence of Europe – and his own spirit.

Fiona Tan is best known for her skilfully crafted video and film installations in which explorations of memory, time, history and the role of the visual are pivotal. Her film and video installations have over the past ten years gained international acclaim and have been exhibited all over the world. She is represented in many international public and private collections, including the Tate Modern, Stedelijk Museum, Schaulager (Basel), the New Museum (New York) and the Centre Pompidou (Paris).