Ammodo Tiger Short Competition 2020

04 December 2019

IFFR announces the 21 short films selected for the Ammodo Tiger Short Competition, which includes numerous world and international premieres. A jury decides the winners of three equal awards each worth €5,000.

The selection is made up of work by newcomers as well as filmmakers who have long histories with the festival. Films by IFFR regulars include Mahdi Fleifel’s 3 Logical Exits, Laure Prouvost’s They Parlaient Idéale, and Erik van Lieshout’s Beer, borne out of him winning the Heineken Prize for Art. 



In addition, Wong Ping presents Wong Ping’s Fables 2, the sequel to his 2019 Ammodo Tiger Short Award-winning film, and Ben Rivers competes with Look Then Below. Next to appearing in competition with her new short film Aggregate States of Matters, Italian artist Rosa Barba is also part of IFFR’s Frameworks programme.

Next to Van Lieshout and Barba, several other visual and contemporary artists have been selected. Among them: Ismaïl Bahri with Apparition, Michael Portnoy with Progressive Touch and Thao Nguyen Phan with Becoming Alluvium.

French filmmaker Isabel Pagliai is making her IFFR debut with the only mid-length in competition, the 43-minute film Tendre, and Ana Vaz is selected with Apiyemiyekî?. Melisa Liebenthal, whose feature film Las lindas won the Bright Future Award at IFFR 2016 and who received HBF support in 2017, presents her short film Aquí y allá. Chinese filmmaker Lei Lei’s A Bright Summer Diary is also selected. His upcoming feature-length Ningdu previously featured at CineMart 2017 and received HBF support in the same year.

The Jury Members

The jury for the Ammodo Tiger Short Competition consists of the recently appointed director of Kunsthal Rotterdam Nathanja van Dijk, French filmmaker and previous Tiger Award for Short Films winner Safia Benhaim (La fièvre, IFFR 2014), and Los Angeles-born, Belgrade-based film curator and writer Greg de Cuir Jr.

The Ammodo Tiger Short Awards will be presented on Sunday 26 January in WORM. The three winners each receive €5,000.

IFFR Short Profiles

Brazilian filmmaker Leonardo Mouramateus is also selected for the Ammodo Tiger Short Competition, with A chuva acalanta a dor. Next to showing this competition film, we dedicate a Short Profile to Mouramateus in the festival’s Deep Focus section, showing his earlier and recent short films. At 28 years of age, the Fortaleza-born filmmaker has established a strong personal style, always searching for new forms of narrative cinema and often chronicling big-city life in Brazil in unexpected ways.

We organise a second Short Profile on the work of Angolan filmmaker and visual artist Kiluanji Kia Henda. His short films are deeply rooted in Angolan politics and history, but at the same time contain surprising magical elements. There Is No Light Inside the Mirror, for example, follows a man suffering from war-related traumas who tries to flee his own shadow, and in Havemos de voltar a historical artefact becomes sentient and refuses to be an object in the service of history any longer.

Deep Focus Short also features two Artist Talks: one by Brazilian filmmakers Bárbara Wagner, whose Swinguerra, co-directed with Benjamin de Burca, screens in Bright Future Short; and one by American filmmaker Zachary Epcar, who presents his film Billy in Bright Future Short.

More short films at IFFR

In addition to the short films in the Ammodo Tiger Short Competition and in Deep Focus Shorts, IFFR presents a wide range of short films in all other corners of its programme. Bright Future Short shows short films leaning to the more experimental and artistic side of the spectrum. Meanwhile, Voices Short is the place for short films with a more narrative emphasis. Many short films can also be found in the Perspectives section, as part of different theme programmes.

IFFR’s short films screen ahead of feature films, in short-film compilations and in the annual short-film marathon in KINO. The entire short-film programme will be announced on Tuesday 10 December.

Ammodo Tiger Short Competition selection:


IFFR’s short film programme emphasises the merging of disciplines such as art, film, video art, performance art and film essays. The short films are often experimental in nature and with formats ranging from 35mm to 3D and VR. As one of IFFR's partners and connected to this competition, Ammodo stimulates artistic quality, experimentation and the development of both makers and art forms. They support the cross-pollination of film and art and give extra visibility to an interdisciplinary approach to images.

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