Creative Producer Indaba

Bartholomeu Luiz

Bartholomeu Luiz started a film career as an assistant director in 2018 working alongside great directors such as Karim Ainouz, in the award-winning The Invisible Life, Jeferson De in Dr. Gama, in the award-winning film by Lázaro Ramos Executive Order, and Quico and Fernando Meirelles in the HBO series Joint Venture. He has also worked alongside Heitor Dahlia, Esmir Filho, and Juliana Rojas.

In 2019, he worked at Netflix as a creative assistant for unscripted and animation, expanding his knowledge of project development and distribution for the streaming and audiovisual market. 

In 2020, he left Netflix to open a more inclusive and black-oriented film company called Arruda Filmes, which produced the short Heaven Doesn't Know My Name and has been focused on developing features and series written and directed by black, LGBTQI+ creators. 

Bartolomeu Luiz


Creative Producer Indaba 2022–23 participants

Taking place at the Atlas Workshops (Marrakech International Film Festival) and IFFR 2023.