About the Hubert Bals Fonds

"Huub had an elemental instinct, with a feeling for the aesthetic; he saw the importance of the message of a film within its context, and had a strong feeling for its social role in our society."

From its debut in 1972 onwards, the International Film Festival Rotterdam revealed itself as a sometimes single-minded cinematic pioneer. Thanks to its founder Hubert Bals innovative films from countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America were shown on a big screen for the first time in Rotterdam. Films we still see too few of today.

The Hubert Bals Fund, named in memory of the festival’s founder, is viewed as pioneering and has developed into a renowned film brand precisely by investing in film talent from less obvious ‘film countries’. Thanks to the fund, every year the festival can provide a stage for filmmakers who broaden our world view and nuance our preconceptions with their artistic visions and stories.

The fund’s strength lies in the fact that it invests in the crucial phase of a film’s development, the writing of the script. The number of international funds willing to risk financing this initial, vulnerable phase is limited even though it is of crucial importance for the supply of new talent.

Investment takes place in some 25 script development projects every year with support from the Creative Europe Media programme, the Netherlands Film Fund, Stichting Dioraphte, Van Beek Donner Stichting and the Tiger Film Mecenaat.

More about the Hubert Bals Fund

De kracht van het fonds is dat we onder andere investeren  in de cruciale fase van de ontwikkeling van een film; wanneer het script wordt geschreven. Het aantal internationale fondsen dat hun nek uitsteekt voor met name die eerste kwetsbare fase is schaars, terwijl dat voor de toevoer van nieuw talent juist zo belangrijk is.

Met steun van het Creative Europe Media programma,  het Nederlands Film Fonds, Stichting Dioraphte en het Tiger Film Mecenaat wordt per jaar in zo’n vijfentwintig scriptontwikkelingsprojecten geïnvesteerd.

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