5 reasons to join

Why you should decide to join IFFR Unleashed?

  1. Digital Distribution is the future
    Estimated VOD users Worldwide in will increase yearly. In 2018 there will be approximately 713,000,000 VOD users worldwide.
  2. Director Centered Design
    IFFR Unleashed is a VOD platform like no other. Like the festival the communication focuses on the directors and their work, not limited to the film and cast.
  3. Supporting Filmmakers
    IFFR Unleashed is yet another way IFFR supports filmmakers. Providing them with a podium to showcase their work year round and making sure the rights holders (often filmmakers, producers or agents) get their fair share of the profits (50/50).
  4. IFFR Curated
    All films, content, director bios and extras presented on IFFR Unleashed is curated by IFFR. Meaning almost 47 years of experience and dedication to independent films make sure that all content on IFFR Unleashed is of the best quality possible.
  5. Powered by IFFR
    IFFR has a proven track record of finding and engaging a dedicated audience for independent cinema. Also IFFR has experience in industry innovations ranging from the co-production market CineMart to a tech-incubator like Propellor. IFFR Unleashed is backed by decades of professional experience within the film industry (and distribution).