Mi chiamo Francesco Totti

  • 106'
  • Italy
  • 2020

The shy family boy at home; a rock star on the pitch. From his teens onwards, Francesco Totti developed to become AS Roma’s footballing icon. On the eve of his final match, he stands in a darkened stadium. How do you reminisce about a quarter century of memories? With footage, of course; reams of it.

Director Alex Infascelli pulled out an impressive quantity of archival footage to help Totti tell his story. While the crisp editing sequences the events, the footballer provides the commentary. Sometimes he rewinds or pauses to highlight the best moments.

With its driving tempo, Mi chiamo Francesco Totti regularly feels like a rollercoaster ride. Momentous joyous occasions, followed by crushing setbacks and vice versa. From legacy goals to hot-tempered arguments and from familial love to eternal loyalty to the club: everything exudes passion.

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Alex Infascelli
Country of production
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 2021
International title
My Name Is Francesco Totti
Lorenzo Mieli, Mario Gianani, Virginia Valsecchi
Production Companies
The Apartment, Wildside SRL, Capri Entertainment
Vision Distribution International
Alex Infascelli, Vincenzo Scuccimarra
Marco Graziaplena
Alex Infascelli, Emanuele Svezia
Sound Design
Maurizio Argentieri