Studio Erasmus is Erasmus University’s monthly talk show on science and current affairs. Featuring interviews, talks and live music. The programme is presented by Erasmus University, in partnership with Studium Generale, Vers Beton, Theater Rotterdam and International Film Festival Rotterdam. Also made possible by Erasmus Trust Fund. Studio Erasmus will be moderated by Geert Maarse.

On Tuesday, 28 January, the programme will include:

Can film provide a shared language for activism? - Political communication expert Delia Dumitrica on how films help and hinder protest movements popularize their political message.

How classic films ask timeless philosophical questions - Like no other, films represent philosophical thought experiments. Philosopher Tim De Mey on famous movies like Rear Window and In Bruges and the way they use timeless philosophical issues for classic film experiences and deeper insights.

How to be (im)perfect? - Irene Mathijssen (professor of Craniofacial Anomalies) and Gert-Jan Kleinrensink (professor of Anatomy) on the cultural concept of beauty from a medical viewpoint. What has Hollywood done for standards? How did influencers monopolize perfection? And what is the impact of the democratization of cosmetic surgery on patients demands?

A mini-lecture on Afrofuturism, indigenous futurism and queer futurism. - These alternative futurisms offer differ radically from the white, male-dominated narratives of traditional science fiction. Taking sci-fi movies such as Black Panther (2018) as a starting point, cultural theorist Tamara de Groot explores how these alternative realities can instigate social change and affect not just the future, but the past and present as well.

Live music by the Natalia Kharetskaya Trio, who perform their unique interpretation of famous soundtracks.

Tue 28 Jan, 20:30, Foyer, Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg, free admission with registration via the website of the Erasmus University.