48 Hour Film Project & Filmapalooza


IFFR 2020

During the 48 Hour Film Project filmmakers in various metropolises have 48 hours to make a film with four fixed ingredients for the script. It proves that you can shoot a good quality film quickly on a small budget. From 3 to 7 March 2020, the 48HFP 2019 winners from all the participating countries will travel to Rotterdam for the FILMAPALOOZA global finals. Hans Groenendijk, initiator of 48HFP Rotterdam, will discuss the most appreciated Dutch and international 48Hour films with actress Loes Schnepper, cameraman Robert M. Berger and director Marco Grandia.

This programme includes: Unforgettable (Marco Grandia, Best Film FILMAPALOOZA 2015); Garbage (Marc Eikelenboom, Best Film 48HFP Rotterdam 2019); Jacques Serres (François Goetghebeur, Nicolas Lebrun, Best Film FILMAPALOOZA 2013); Karel en de kapitein en de zoektocht naar het zwarte goud (Alyssa Schrauwen, audience prize 48HFP Rotterdam 2019); These Dirty Words (Jens Rijsdijk, Best Film 48HFP Rotterdam and FILMAPALOOZA 2014); Scare (Sarah Grant, Best Film 48HFP Edinburgh 2019).

Part of RTM, the Rotterdam selection