In her fresh and cheerful podcast Girls on Film, British film critic Anna Smith (e.g. for The Guardian, BBC News, Time Out London) provides a female perspective on the film world. In the first four episodes with a growing group of female colleagues, she not only ran through the latest releases using the Bechdel Test, she also spoke to stars like Carey Mulligan and Kathryn Hahn about the position of women in various branches of the film industry.

Under her guidance, various female film critics will have their say in this panel discussion, including Dana Linssen (NRC Handelsblad, de Filmkrant, and co-curator of IFFR's Critics' Choice programme) and Tara Judah. They’ll talk about whether, and if so how, their sex provides a different perspective, and about the role of (female) critics in supporting the work of female filmmakers, now the call for greater diversity is getting louder. In addition, the panel will discuss various current releases and films showing at IFFR.