Filmmaker, artist and curator Andrew Norman Wilson presents his work. About his art practice he says: "In my current work I combine scientific and narrative techniques to create effects through which the historically delineated practices of 'science' and 'culture' become indistinguishable. By harnessing certain formal and conceptual potentials from each domain, technical materials become illusory while cultural material is opened up for analysis. Rather than communicating anything specific to viewers, I seek to guide their attention towards their own experiences of (partial) sensing, (limited) thinking, and (dis)identification."

Wilson's work has been exhibited at institutions including MoMA and the Centre Pompidou, and he has taught at the universities of Oxford, Harvard and the Universität der Künste Berlin. His latest film Kodak, a blind person’s perspective on the desire to collect and hoard, has its international premiere at IFFR 2019.