Visit sound//vision 2019!

sound//vision 2018 will be a four-night programme at club WORM in Rotterdam featuring live A/V performances. From Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 January (21:30 till late) the nights of sound//vision offer exceptional and exclusive cooperations between musicians, video artists, filmmakers and other artists working in the field of sound and vision. sound//vision – innovative, experimental and adventurous – is part of IFFR’s short film programme.

The weekend starts with a performance by Dutch duo Rikkert Brok (visuals) and Yamila Rios (sound). Hirviente is commissioned by Klankvorm and based on the concept of condensation/evaporation. The organic Super-8 images that the process generates are morphed by self-built instruments that respond to light and movement. Processed cello recordings provide the soundtrack.

Subsequently, The Superusers (Kris Limbach and Scott Sinclair) create an immersive 3D expanded-cinema experience, Kompressions of False Mechaniks. Experimentation with (fallible) data from programming is combined with video, sound, light and text.

As night falls, we join a Flemish company: Klaas Verpoest (visuals), collaborating with Peter Jacquemyn (double bass), Jan Pillaert (bass tuba) and Vincent Caers (live electronics). In the improvised WORP#2 they play a game with feedback, dissolving the contours of instruments, musicians and material.

Stay up to date with Facebook. sound//vision is made possible thanks to the support of Goethe-Institut Niederlande and Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond. 

21:30 till late!, WORM (Boomgaardstraat 71), €11/€8