We are living in a period where past and future seem to matter ever less – it’s all about the now, the instant and consequently the obvious, the over-inflated and the ridiculous. Five filmmakers from A History of Shadows programme – Pablo Sigg (Lamaland), Fabrizio Ferraro (Les Unwanted de Europa), Giovanni Donfrancesco (Il risoluto), Narimane Mari (Le fort de fous) and Dominik Graf (Der rote Schatten) – will embark upon a wide-ranging discussion to examine where to find what the consensus keeps quiet. Film curator and critic Olaf Möller will guide this discussion that revolves around the question: how do we de-victimise those who are negatively impacted by history, and how do we make time matter again? 

Sat 27 Jan, 17:30-19:00, Hilton Rotterdam, free admission