Big Talk: Sean Baker

“The Medium is the Message.” Having gone from filming his hugely popular Tangerine (2015) on an iPhone to shooting The Florida Project (2017, screening at IFFR 2018) on 35mm film, US-native Sean Baker is a modern pioneer of this idea. The message Baker has committed to is that the rich interior landscapes of individuals from all walks of life should never be reduced to simplistic caricatures. Baker will talk about The Florida Project, selected for Cannes Directors Fortnight in 2017, which tells the complex story of a very mature six year-old and her mother, living in a shabby motel close to Disneyland. 

This Big Talk will e moderated by Daniel Kasman, founder of MUBI’s Notebook. 

Fri 26 Jan, 16:30-17:30, Hilton Le Jardin, €5.50


  • Hilton Le Jardin
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