Kick-off: Lemon & Opening Party


IFFR 2017

It’s the big moment so many people have been waiting for: the official launch of IFFR 2017. Celebrate the start of the festival in style at the Kick-off on Wednesday 25 January. The opening film is Lemon and will be followed by a swinging dance party. The perfect start to twelve festival days and nights.

Unlike the official opening for invited guests in 'de Doelen', the Kick-off with opening film in Pathé Schouwburgplein is open to everyone. After the film, the audience join the opening festivities in 'de Doelen'.

The opening film is Lemon. Janicza Bravo’s impressive debut is a witty, no-holds-barred portrait of a likeable failure, with a leading role for Michael Cera. Lemon will have its international première in attendance of cast and crew.

PLEASE NOTE: the Kick-off starts at 21:00 hours, a little later than the official opening for invitees in 'de Doelen'.

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