Informe general II. El nuevo rapto de Europa, the latest film by the legendary Barcelona based filmmaker Pere Portabella will have its world premiere at the festival. The film is an essential update of his 1977 film, Informe general sobre algunas questiones of general interes para una proyección pública that in documenting the last days of the Franco regime focusus on how Spain could find its way to democracy. To celebrate this world premiere, IFFR will present a select retrospective of the films of Portabella (born 1929), who began directing his own films in the mid-1960's after producing films of Carlos Saura, Marco Ferreri and Luis Buñuel’s Viridiana.

Further to this selection of films directed by Pere Portabella, IFFR will present an overview of this above mentioned Escuela de Barcelona. The term used to describe the Nouvelle Vague inspired group of filmmakers from Barcelona who tried to make films that contrasted with the official cinema from Madrid in the Franco years.

Films in ‘Pere Portabella & La Escuela de Barcelona’