The Reagan Shorts

Pacho Velez

The Reagan Shorts is a product of Pacho Velez's research for his upcoming feature film, The Reagan Years 1981-89.
Reagan was perhaps the first US president to see his political performances as acting. During his incumbency, his day-to-day activities were filmed, resulting in an archive of more than 2,000 hours of visual material. The shorts give a good impression of Reagan in a number of exceptional moments and show how he responds to unexpected events that disrupt his carefully choreographed performances.
In the 2-minute film Ronald Reagan Pardons a Turkey, a headstrong turkey causes confusion. In Ronald Reagan Lights the Lights, a film lasting 3 minutes, Ronald Reagan as father of the nation switches on the national Christmas tree. And in CBS News Interviews the Reagans, a 5-minute film, Ronald and Nancy are interviewed by Ann Compton.
Screens before Roger and Me

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