Obvious Child

Gillian Robespierre

Stand-up comedian Donna is dumped by her cheating boyfriend, loses her job, gets blind drunk and becomes pregnant from a one-night stand. She considers an abortion, then gets to know the father. Romance, quirky humour and irresistible characters. Nominated for The Big Screen Award.

Within just a few days, stand-up comedian Donna (27) manages to get rudely dumped by her boyfriend, lose her job and accidentally fall pregnant from a one-night stand. And all this shortly before Valentine's Day. She decides to have an abortion, and then gets to know the father of her unborn child better.
Women - foul-mouthed or well-spoken - who accidentally become pregnant have become a regular feature of film and TV drama since Knocked Up, Juno and the series Girls. However, these pregnancies generally end with a false alarm or the birth of a child. Abortion, a not uncommon event in reality, is still, it seems, too controversial.
In this (secretly pretty romantic) tragicomedy, director and screenwriter Gillian Robespierre tackles the issue head-on with a great deal of humour - including candid revelations about vaginas and a good dose of toilet humour - as well as with a great cast. Jenny Slate in particular excels as the captivating Donna.

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