God Loves the Fighter

Damian Marcano

Raw, realistic take on life in the eastern part of Port of Spain, Trinidad - murder capital of the Caribbean. Young Charlie wants to do the right thing, but has to try and survive this concrete jungle. Good and evil meet on a particular fateful night. Yellow Robin Award winner Curacao IFFR 2014.

Port of Spain in Trinidad is the murder capital of the Caribbean. Someone is murdered every 17 hours, and most of the victims are under 25. God Loves the Fighter realistically portrays what it is like to live in Laventille, one of the most dangerous slums in the world.
Although the subject and style are reminiscent of other slum films such as City of God and Slumdog Millionaire, the grim narrative and the dub reggae soundtrack by Freetown Collective, Q. Major and Redman give the film its own unmistakable style.
Homeless street poet King Curtis is the prophetic, omniscient narrator. He tells the raw, tragic story of Charlie, a young man growing up in Laventille. What he wants most is a good life with an honest job, but his hopeless circumstances nevertheless lead him into a life of crime. When prostitute Dinah crosses his path and desperately needs help, Charlie reaches a crossroads in his life. Prize winner in CuraƧao, IFFR 2014.

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