Vivement le Cinéma (Jérôme Prieur)
This documentary situates the start of filmhistory a century before the Lumières. Without Robertson, Reynaud, Plateau, Muybridge and Marey: would there be cinema?
The pioneers of optical toys and photographic studies of movement are given their due in this playful media-archeological essay. Retracing the transformation from the magic lantern to the cinématographe, the film emphasizes the parallels in development between optical toys and photographed movement.
The First Interview (Denis Tupicoff)
In 1886, the photographer Nadar interviewed a scientist on his 100th birthday. The world's first media interview finally comes to life as a film, narrated by Agnès Varda.
A slow animation of photographs turns into a reenactment, based on the stenographed dialog as published on shortly after the encounter in the Le Journal Illustré. The interview with the celebrated scientist Chevreul moved from biology, to impressionism, daredevil balloonists and the art of growing old.

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