Way of Passion

Joerg Burger

Trapani, Sicily. Its inhabitants are preparing for the Good Friday procession that has taken place annually for 400 years. A swift and ubiquitous camera takes us on a 24 hour journey into the heat of the action and the heart of emotions.

Trapani, Sicily. The men of the town prepare for the Easter procession. Clothes are remodelled and the immense statues that have to be carried on their shoulders through the narrow streets of the town during the procession have to be repaired. This annual procession has taken place for 400 years, a tradition that is cherished. It’s a great honour to be chosen as one of the bearers, be it a heavy and emotional task.
Joerg Burger follows the preparations and the procession itself, that lasts all night. His floating camera follows the events without commentary: not only is there no narrator, but in the film itself barely a word is said. The film focuses on the extreme devotion and worship that grips Trapani for 24 hours, both for Christ as for the bearers who now briefly have to take his place.

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