When China Met Africa

Marc Francis, Nick Francis

As a festival, you have to have a good reason to screen a film that is not a premiere - and has even been shown on national TV. The reason is that this is, without a doubt, the film that best shows how China is making inroads into Africa. Screens only on the Raiding Africa day.

The Francis brothers are sound documentary makers. They do their research and travel at length to map out a subject. In this case, the journey took them to Zambia, a former British colony that now receives attention from the Chinese. Why? Zambia has copper.
The film follows three different characters, highlighting different sides of Chinese activities in this poor African country. There is Liu, a real entrepreneur who buys one farm after another. You can guess what will happen to local agriculture if this process continues for long. Then we have Li, through whom we witness a major Chinese building concern. Finally, the Zambian Minister of Trade is followed during a mission to beg for funds in China.
The film concentrates on Zambia, but it is obvious that this country represents the whole of Africa. The Francis brothers further make it clear that this development has an effect on a world level. Through Africa, China is developing into quite some world power.

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