Fly Low

  • 95'
  • South Korea
  • 1998
In his feature début the South Korean Kim Sion asks himself what the meaning can be of a specific spot for different people who think they are looking for the same thing.Three boys find shelter in an old deserted school building, fleeing from the police. There is nothing to do, so they wait and try to entertain each other with games. The heat and boredom make them peevish and careless. In cooler colours, an interlude is cut in with three girls who visit the same old school, a place which brings back so many memories. They talk about a former classmate who has just died, about the dreams they had and about their lives as they have turned out. But the reminiscences bring more divisions than unity. The boys are forced to keep hidden, feel imprisoned in the school, however slowly but surely they start to feel at home. The girls come there of their own free will, look for a spot to think and find peace, but they can't find it. They all have different expectations of the spot they have sought out, even if they have a common goal: to withdraw from the world and find a place as comfortable as a mother's lap.Kim Sion seems to want to say that you will only find a real hiding place when you are among people you can share thoughts and feelings with.
Kim Sion
International premiere
Country of production
South Korea
Production Year
Festival Edition
IFFR 1999
Original title
Ha woo deung
Kim Sion
Mirovision Inc.
Kim Sion
Production Design
Lee Jin-Ho