Zoran Solomun

Zoran Solomun (1953, Pula, Yugoslavia) studied at the Academy for Theatre, Film, Radio and Television in Belgrade. From 1985 to 1990 he was producer with the independent 'Prokret' ('Movement') Film Group in Belgrade. In 1990 he went to Berlin, where in 1993 he shot Weltmeister that has also been screened in Rotterdam.


Meteor (1979, short), Dust in Belgrade (1982, short), The Assembly and Handling of Persons Displaying Socially Negative Behavior (1985, short), From the Life of Bad Children (1986), Tarzan, King of the Bears (1986, short), Bosnians (1986), Saturday or Sunday (1987, short), Belgradian Monuments (1988, short), Adieu, Patriarchy (1989, short), Ach, Here is a Subject! (1989, short), A Rusty Madhouse (1990), Weltmeister (1993), Müde Weggefährten/Tired Companions (1996)