Yael Bartana

Yael BARTANA (1970, Israel) attended art courses in Jerusalem, New York and Amsterdam. She makes films and installations. Her triptych And Europe Will Be Stunned was screened in the Polish National Pavilion during the Venice Biennale in 2011. Bartana has also had numerous exhibitions all over the world. IFFR has selected her film Inferno for a Tiger Award for Short Films, 2014.


(all short, selection) Trembling Time (2002), Greezah (2002), Kings of the Hill (2004), You Could Be So Lucky (2004), Short Memory (a.k.a. Remembrance and Oblivion) (2004), A Declaration (2007), Summer Camp (2007), Mary Koszmary/Nightmare (2007), Mur i wieza/Wall And Tower (2009), Zamach/Assassination (2011), Inferno (2013)