Willehad Eilers

Willehad EILERS (1981, Germany) lives and works in Amsterdam. He was educated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and the Rijksakademie. Eilers' work consists of films, drawings, performances and installations, which have been shown internationally. He also works under the pseudonym Wayne Horse. His short film The Illmannered Milkman (2013) won the Best International Film award at the WDNX festival in Canada.


(all short, selection) Ich bin verrückt/Adrian Falk (2008, co-dir), The Last Crusade (2009), Your Brothers & Sisters (2012), Der integrations Bambi/#12021910 A Great Price (2012), Bambi/#13021220 Bambi (2012), The Unharmonious Dome (2012), Fat Chance (2012), The Birdhouse Theory (2012), German Cashflow (2013), The Illmannered Milkman (2013), The White Suit (2013), Du bist ein Muss (2013), Alter Senator (2015)