Vlado Skafar

Vlado Skafar op IFFR

Vlado SKAFAR (1969, Slovenia) was co-founder of the Slovenian Cinematheque and the Isola Cinema Film Festival. He has collaborated as script consultant with Igor Sterk and Hanna A. W. Slak. His documentary Letter to a Child was shown in Rotterdam in 2009. After his first feature Dad (2010), Skafar stays within the theme of family relations with his second feature Mama (2016), which has its world premiere in Rotterdam.


Stari most/The Old Bridge (1998, short), Peterka: leto odlocitve/Peterka: Year of Decision (2003, doc), Pod njihovo kozo/Under their S.K.I.N. (2006, short), Otroci/Letter to a Child (2008, doc), Oca/Dad (2010), A Girl and a Tree (2012, doc), Mama/Mother (2016)

Vlado Skafar op IFFR

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