Viktor van der Valk

Viktor van der VALK (1987, Iceland) directed Wegloos/Vegleysa (2011) during while studying at the School of the Arts Utrecht (HKU). The short was selected for the Debut Competition at the Netherlands Film Festival. After three years at the HKU, Van der Valk continued his film education at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam, where he made the short films Steen/Brick (2013) and Onno de onwetende/Onno the Oblivious (2014). Nocturne is his first feature and has its world premiere at IFFR 2019. His brother, actor Vincent van der Valk, plays the lead role. 


(selection) Wegloos/Vegleysa (2011), Steen/Brick (2013, short), Onno de onwetende/Onno the Oblivious (2014, short), Nocturne (2019)