Vassil Zhivkov

Vassil ZHIVKOV (1948, Sofia, Bulgaria) finished his study as director at the VGIK in Moscow in 1974. Up till today, Vassil Zhivkov has written and directed over 30 documentaries. Many of his films were forbidden by the ideological censorship in the years before 1990. None of his films were allowed to participate at any film festivals outside Bulgaria. Besides writing and directing documentaries, he has worked for and taught at several cultural institutes as well.


Sheshkingrad (1974), Sled deloto/After the Case (1978), Tam krai rekata/There by the River (1979), Tigrite na okeana/The Tigers of the Ocean (1982), Dni v Zheravna/Days of Zheravna (1982), Parvite 20 Godoni/The First 20 Years (1984), Kavarna (1986), Blagopoluchen luchai/A Satisfactory Case (1988), Obarnata elha/Christmas Tree Upside Down (2006)