Ulrika Bengts

Ulrika BENGTS (1962, Finland) is a film and theatre director. She was educated in film at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and has directed dozens of short films, TV series and documentaries. Her first feature film Iris premiered in 2011 and was one of the first Finnish-Swedish feature films aimed at children. The series Lola Upside Down (2016) is her latest work. 


(selection) Goodbye Gibraltar (1993), Diktonius - Ord lever! (1995, doc, co-dir), Kaupunkisinfonia (1995, doc), Det finns flera sätt att simma (1997), Kiasma - kohtaamisia (1999, short doc), Vägen till Lelle/The Bridge to Lelle (1999, short), Nu är du Hamlet/Now You're Hamlet (2002, doc), Fling (2004, TV series, 2 episodes), Kometen (2004, short), Innan det vita (2010), Avsked (2010, TV series), Kaskö (2011, doc), Iris (2011), Lärjungen/The Disciple (2013), Lola uppochner/Lola Upside Down (2016, TV series)