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TSAI Ming-liang (1957, Malaysia) studied theatre and film directing in Taiwan. He has written several scripts and also worked as a theatre director. He won the Golden Lion in Venice with Vive l'amour (1994) and the Silver Bear in Berlin with The Wayward Cloud (2005). His films are recognisable by their long shots, sparse dialogue and the prominent presence of running water, or the sound of this. Many of Tsai's films have screened in Rotterdam.


(selection) Ching shao nien na cha (Qingshaonian Nazha)/Rebels of the Neon God (1992), Chin wan shui/Vive l'amour (1994), He liu/The River (1997), Dong/The Hole (1998), A Conversation with God (2001, short), Ni nei pien chi tien/What Time is it There? (2001), Tien chao bu jien le/The Skywalk is Gone (2002, short), The Growing of the Saplings (2002, doc), Bu jian bu sa/Goodbye, Dragon Inn (2003), Bem-Vindo a São Paulo/Welcome to São Paulo: segment Aquarium (2004), Tian bian yi duo yun/The Wayward Cloud (2005), Hei yan quan/I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone (2006), Is it a Dream? (2007, instal), Madame Butterfly (2008, short), Visage (2009), Walker (2012, segment in Beautiful 2012), No Form (2012, short), Sleepwalk (2012, short), Diamond Sutra (2012, short), Stray Dogs (2013), Letters from the South (2013, co-dir, segment Walking on Water), King Zai Shui Shang (2013, short), Journey to the West (2014), No No Sleep (2015, short), Afternoon (2015, doc), Xiao Kang (2015, short), Qiu Ri (2016, short), The Deserted: VR (2017), Your Face (2018, doc)

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