Tina Frank

Tina Frank (1979, Austria) is a media artist and graphic designer who also teaches at the University of Art and Design in Linz. Frank was founder and creative director of the graphic design companies U.R.L., and Design by Frank Scheikl. Her films have been screened in many festivals worldwide. In 2006, her short film Chronomops was awarded at the Austrian film festival Diagonale. Her film Colterrain (2013) is part of Vertical Cinema, a compilation programme consisting of ten experimental films on 35mm celluloid, made for projection on a monumental vertical screen.


(all short) III (1996), Aus (1998), Aka (1998), End of Skot (2000), 35mm > Design in Miniature (2001), Pitdudp (2001), Glambox (2001), Kidds Fuzz Series (2003), Intro (2003), Starlight 1 (2003), Chronomops (2005), Grounded (2006), Don't Stop (2008), Todays Art Festival (2008), Vergence (2010), Hotel Lentos***** (2010), Coh & Frank, Live 09.13 (2013), Colterrain (2013)