Tim Leyendekker

Tim Leyendekker op IFFR

Tim LEYENDEKKER (1973, Netherlands) gained his master's degree in Fine Arts at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. The Dutch artist produces conceptual video art and projections in which he explores the conceptual and formal boundaries of cinema as a narrative medium. He is also a photographer. Short films by Leyendekker, including the Healers and Opening Night, have already been screened at IFFR. In 2015, his most recent film Blinder will have its world premiere in Rotterdam.


(all short) (hectaren) (2001), Survival (prayer #1 prayer #2) (2002), How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us (2003), still (2006), Opening Night (2009), the Healers (2010), Blinder (2015)

Tim Leyendekker op IFFR

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